Detroit Metroplex

Detroit According to the Sixth World Almanac

A prosperous metroplex in the Great Lakes Region, Detroit is a model city for corporate involvement balanced by local government. With the global headquarters for Ares Macrotechnology located there, and the recently finished eight-meter-tall wall surrounding the metroplex, Detroit is one of UCAS’ safest cities. Following the closure of Chicago to civilian traffic in 2055, the metroplex absorbed nearly a million refugees and offered them new work. The area has been a source of industry and manufacture for over a century, and continues to be a hub for UCAS construction of automobiles, aeronautics, and military equipment.

Despite the local nickname of “Aresville,” Detroit has a smaller percentage of extra-territorial space per square kilometer than many other metroplexes. The nickname actually comes from the corporation’s investment into the local economy. Ares and its subsidiaries fund work outreach programs, to offer jobs to any adult UCAS citizen living within the metroplex boundary who wants one. A census taken in August of 2070 showed less than a two-percent unemployment rate within the metroplex—substantially lower than the nationwide rate of seven percent.


Detroit Metroplex

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